July 20, 2014

circus series #5

clown make-up

"How the make up make her face pretty"

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circus series #1

"I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me? "

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July 2, 2014


if you don’t wipe the tears away, they can turn to rust….image

June 24, 2014

man in the moon….

June 22, 2014


March 6, 2014
half empty or half full?

half empty or half full?

March 6, 2014   2 notes

introducing the man…


It’s been a struggle to find the old design of Ken, as every Barbie needs a Ken! Managed to find this handsome blonde….

and he’s looking for a new home :)image

February 27, 2014
ice freezes over

ice freezes over

February 27, 2014   5 notes

within a few days….


..so we had both posted the images of our macabre weekend activity and the feedback was bonkers, who’d have thought people (apart from me) would actually want to wear Barbie jewellery!

So I got to work……image